January 6th, 2019 is where it all started, and the next 10 days would create a moment in time that hip-hop would never forget. January 6th is the day the sessions for Revenge of the Dreamers III would begin. J. Cole wanted to craft something special with his next compilation album for his label that would last forever. So he decided to invite over 100 different artists and producers to Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta and over the next 10 days, Revenge of the Dreamers III was recorded.

According to Dreamville President Ibrahim Hamad, over 120 songs were recorded for the project and only 18 made the final cut. 35 artists and 27 producers helped to bring the final product to life. J.I.D, Kendrick Lamar, DaBaby, Ty Dolla $ign, Bas, Pyrex, Buddy, Reason, and Pluss are just some of the names to ultimately make the cut.

Many people would have given anything to receive the “Golden Ticket” invitation to the 10-day session, including me. To our benefit, Dreamville decided to also make a documentary of this classic moment. You can stream Revenge of the Dreams III below as well as watch the documentary on how the album came to be.