Nearly a year after releasing her Seasons EP, Mahalia is back to release her debut album, Love and Compromise. As you can tell by the album title, the project is about everything under the sun of the powerful, four-letter word, love. “It’s my little diary of all the ways that I’ve weaved in and out of love and relationships”, says Mahalia in an interview with Apple Music describing Love and Compromise.

The album starts off perfectly with an excerpt from an interview with Eartha Kitt on Hide Out where Eartha gives her response to whether she would compromise for love. Her answer sets the tone for the rest of the 13-track LP. Whether you want to know what your significant other thinks about you, you’re dealing with an Ex that continues to text/call you, or even if you just want to find the perfect way to ask someone to simply come over and hang, Love and Compromise has a little bit of something for everybody.