Sliim Bambino is an artist and producer out of the Bay Area who is charting a course of his own with a whole new sound like nobody else that’s out right now!

Looking through his catalog you’ll catch a wide variety of tracks ranging from upbeat and bouncy joints like “Hide Your Kids” and “Virginia Beach” to slick yet deeply thought-provoking cuts like “Hallehova” and “Can’t Feel My Fate”. But the one thing that is consistent about Sliim is his ever-present energy in his delivery and his remarkably sharp lyricism throughout every one of his songs.

Bambi has been releasing solid material for a sometime now, steadily building up a great collection of work to showcase his skill. But with the release of his debut album he’s definitely set a bench mark in his career, with a fully fleshed out project encompassing how much he’s grown into his current state.

We’re excited to see the progression in his journey as he continues to blur and bend the lines between genres and styles crafting a unique sound of his own. Check out our exclusive interview above and get to know more about the man behind the music. Keep an eye out for what he’s got in store because we can tell you first hand, he’s got A LOT more to come and he’s just gettin’ started…